Thursday, 19 May 2016


Sup y'all? Been absent for a while,yea yea ......due to health conditions but thank God am getting better now. I digress.
So i self texlaxed this month....I divided hair
into 4section.
- Based scalp,nape,edges,ear and relaxed hair
ends with Vaseline.
- Mixed the relaxer+half activator+one &half
cover of Goya olive oil thoroughly for up to
- Applied relaxer to my hair starting from the
front,avoiding my scalp. Then worked on the
back section. After that,I started smoothing.
Application and smoothing took 15mins.
- Waited 4mins before washing off the relaxer
- Applied the shampoo, deep conditioned with
the conditioner that came with the relaxer
- Air dry,applied leave-in conditioner,
moisturizer that came with the back, sealed with Olive oil and applied
heat protectant.
- Flat ironed my hair the next day.
Preparing to Texlax
Relaxer used

Hair Comparison

New Hair length
Can you feel me? Lol!
Cos girl am feeling maself
Lemme do shakara small jare
That moment you ain't need no sockbun!

Yea am officially *scratchinghead* it MBL or grazing WL? HELP ME!!!

- flat ironed hair reverted when I eventually took the pics so it made it look like my hair was v-shaped I.e damaged... Just couldn't get to comb it well to make it uniform. Too much struggle as I was sweating cause of the puffiness.

- didn't get a decision though.*covers face*

Ummm so I guess that's all........question is what's my length check? Help me out plz. Thanks.

Watch out for the next update: Not telling ya. *shinesteeth*


  1. I'm seriously feeling your hair. Big hair don't care! Well done. As per the length, I would say Full BSL. But I may be wrong. Let others weigh in.

  2. Your hair looks like MBL. Glad your relaxer touch went great. Love the thickness.

  3. Heyyy gurrrl *waves* lol
    I'm so feeling your hair! :-)) welcome to the big Bun club! Lol
    I think you're at Midback length. And the volume u have is amazing.

  4. Thanks a lot Judith, love your hair too. All right MBL it is then.*shinesteeth*

  5. @Bee Haha you can say that again......aww thanks so much. Will let people weigh then but I appreciate......really

    @Tomes many thanks indeed.....MBL yassssss!!


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