Thursday, 19 May 2016


Sup y'all? Been absent for a while,yea yea ......due to health conditions but thank God am getting better now. I digress.
So i self texlaxed this month....I divided hair
into 4section.
- Based scalp,nape,edges,ear and relaxed hair
ends with Vaseline.
- Mixed the relaxer+half activator+one &half
cover of Goya olive oil thoroughly for up to
- Applied relaxer to my hair starting from the
front,avoiding my scalp. Then worked on the
back section. After that,I started smoothing.
Application and smoothing took 15mins.
- Waited 4mins before washing off the relaxer
- Applied the shampoo, deep conditioned with
the conditioner that came with the relaxer
- Air dry,applied leave-in conditioner,
moisturizer that came with the back, sealed with Olive oil and applied
heat protectant.
- Flat ironed my hair the next day.
Preparing to Texlax
Relaxer used

Friday, 18 March 2016


This is a long due post but first,I apologize for MIA for weeks now or maybe month. Just when I thought I was free,exam came knocking heavily,school wahala.......blablabla. Lol!

So have been terribly ignoring my hair because I was busy. I didn't wash hair for quite a while,a month or maybe more. *covers face*. But I have been moisturizing with my moisturizing mix,doing oil massage,moisturizing and sealing often was a no no. 

Last week when I was about preparing for another exam of mine the next day,I couldn't take the itching anymore due to the build ups. Ran into the shower immediately and before I knew it,I washed my hair,deep conditioned,applied leave-in conditioner,moisturized and seal.

Detangling + Quick length check(Here,i procrastinated about washday after detangling......didn't wash hair not until after another 3weeks)

Left: After washing &deep conditioning
Right: After applying leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and sealant.(was working on single section out of 4)

All 4 sections completed

Am seeing curls o. Hehe!

After all,bunned hair and covered with a silk scarf

Left: hair loss from a single section.
Right: from all 4 sections


-Tried washing my hair and detangling in the shower,it was a total failure. Hair matted like I can't describe enough

-Because I didn't wash hair for more than a month,detangling hair took additional hours. I think the hair loss after all was too much. Never will I ignore my hair up to that extent again.

-Guess what? My hair got burnt. Yea it was like a dream,was actually reading with candle and it was during that harmattan period,before I knew it sha......I was smelling burnt.....oh God my hair. The way I ran ehn for the next move wasn't funny. Lol! But thank God the hair that was burnt wasn't obvious at all,it was like nothing happened. I have to be more careful.

-Guess what? Did a simple protective style before washing hair. Check it out.

Ummm that would be all for now,thanks for visiting. 

Oh by the way,has your hair been burnt before? What did you do?

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Permit me please to wish y'all a Prosperous New Year even though it's few days to February. *shines teeth*
As a matter of fact,this is my first post for the year and I planned posting on MY HAIRNIVERSARY in my previous post. Later changed my mind to do that next year unfailingly. I digress.
Big sis came home for Christmas last year and I experimented with her texlaxed hair trying out a protective style named "SUNFLOWER LOVE BUN" BY JUDITHERESE. All credits to her because she's the genius  behind the creative style.
She said she doesn't like the front style. She's gonna kill me when she sees this(her face)

Front view: She loves this

Back view of the sunflower bun

Dunno if I really got the style right but at least I tried it out. Couldn't complete the front style which should be in form of love due to insufficient bobbypins. 

  What do you think? Would you rock this? Yea or Nay?

Step by step tutorial is found HERE. Thanks for visiting

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hi Lovelies, hope y'all preparing for Xmas? Bet you are. Just don't forget this little girl when y'all enjoying alone. There's love in sharing o. Lol!  I digress.

So so so.....this is actually a due post. Should have posted it 2weeks ago but wasn't chanced. Some days after relaxing,went to the salon to get my hair braided. This protective style I plan to let stay for a month before loosing.

How I Have Been Caring For It

-spray moisturizing mix(mixture of vo5 moisturizing conditioner,olive oil,castor oil and water) on hair and scalp 4-5times in a week.

-apply Shea butter  2-3times in a week.

-apply coconut oil/olive oil on days I don't use moisturizing mix

-spray hair with Olive oil ORS sheen spray

-cover hair at night(I suck at this,it ain't regular)

Now it's time for pictures,didn't take much pictures, so please bear with me.

Next post will be on MY HAIR ANNIVERSARY. Yippee!! Can't wait.